Prep & Landing: Mansion Impossible is a short comic story published in November 2011 as a back-up strip to Avengers #19 and the Marvel Adventures series Super-Heroes #20 and Spider-Man #20. It will be the first Marvel/Disney crossover, featuring Wayne and Lanny preparing the Avengers Mansion for the holidays.


One Christmas Eve, Wayne and Lanny receive their annual assignments from Magee, sending them to a potentially dangerous site that even Thrasher is wary of: The Avengers Mansion.

While Lanny is impressed right upon arrival, they have a narrow "Creatures Stirring" close-call when a sleepy Hulk comes into the room to take a Christmas Cookie before going back to bed. After making sure everything is in order, they are seen as rats by Pest Control robots built by Tony Stark. They make an escape down the stairs using Captain America's shield as a sled and Lanny blasts them apart with the Iron Man glove that became stuck on his head in the commotion. They make their way back up the chimney and return home.

On Christmas morning, Hulk is happy that Santa brought him a new pair of stretchy pants, remarking that he always knows what Hulk needs while Jarvis investigates one of the totaled robots. At the North Pole, after finding how stressed the assignment made Wayne and Lanny, Magee decides to find somewhere that might be easier for them next Christmas: Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Children.