Crumbles has been with the Coal Elf Brigade longer than anyone can remember. Rumor has it he used to work in the Yukon, mining peppermint. Crumbles will neither confirm or deny this, mainly because he just can't recall. Centuries of blasting in the coal mines has left Crumbles a little hard of hearing, too. No one knows the mines like he does, though, and he is often the "go-to elf" for advice and mining consultation. Crumbles doesn't trust technology, preferring the "tried and true" ways to modern methods. This explains why he uses a candle on his helmet instead of a battery-powered light. Rookie coal elves may snicker at him, but Crumbles just tells them, "Laugh now, but you'll be following me when the lights go out!" This has proven true on more than one occasion.

Likes: His Pick Axe (named Betsy), double-hot chocolates and the cooking at Christmas Carol's (he's one of the few elves who do!)

Dislikes: Technology, change and Mr. Thistleton, who is always trying to use technology to change things.

Favorite Christmas Treat: Frosted sugar cookies, especially when dunked in double-hot chocolates.